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Whether you are new to the sport and want to learn more about it or you are a veteran wanting to test your skills, the Provo River Race provides a unique opportunity for everyone.  

The Provo River is one of the most spectacular rivers in the state of Utah             and provides a unique venue for the annual Provo River Race.                   Well known to all local boaters, the Bridal Veil section provides                 some of the best class III white water in the state, combined with               spectacular views and easy accessibility. This is a unique venue in             the state of Utah and for both participant and spectator that has                 needed a race for a long time.

       The Bridal Veil Falls section of the Provo River is a class III run that               stretches form the Olmsted dam to the Diversion dam at Nunns Park.           The most challenging portion of the river comes right in front of Bridal         Veil Falls itself known as the Crux. At the Crux the gradient increases           and the river constricts creating the largest waves and holes on the             river. At high flows this section boasts continues whitewater that                 stretches for nearly half a mile and can push class IV. At lower flows           the whitewater remains a continues class III but offers more technical           rapids with plenty of solid eddy lines to put a smile on your face. For a better look at what this river has to offer at different flows check out the video.


Race Rules

Slalom Race Rules

  • Divided into men and women

  • 5 second penalty for gate touch

  • 30 second for gate miss

  • Best of 2 runs

  • Racers will depart every 1.5 minutes


Boater Cross Rules

  • No divisions, one race for all

  • 4-5 boats per heat

  • Heats leave when the previous finishes

  • Disqualification for anything deemed to be malicious or intentional.

  • Top 2 finishers will continue to the next round until the fina heat. 


Race rules

  • Safety is the priority, If someone is in trouble and you can offer assistance it is your responsibility and requirement to offer help.

***Long boats (green boat) are not permited in any race. 

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