• Registration opens at 9:30am please visit the registraion booth to check in get your number and your race bag.

  • Course will be open at 10am with a shuttle running for some practice laps.

  • Official race begins with slalom at 11am. There will be a mandatory safety meeting at 10:50. If you are not present you do not race. 

  • We will break for an hour lunch to do prizes for winners and raffle as well as to partake of the awesome lunch provided by pro rafting tours (5$) 

  • 2pm is a mandatory safety meeting for boater cross, race will begin immediately after. 

  • After the race let’s all make another run from top to bottom and enjoy the high water. 

General Info

  • Parking: Best parking will be in the parking lot directly across from bridal veil falls or at vivian park just below the falls (the park that you see imidiatly after geting off the highway.)

  • Food: Our amazing sponsor Pro River Rafting will be providing catering for the race for just $5 you can get the following options. 

        😋 Choice of sandwich (Italian sub,                  turkey sub or veggie sub.)

        😋 Choice of chips (regular potato                  chips, Doritos, Cheetos, etc.)
        😋 Big cookie or big brownie

  • Weather: We are projected to be in the 60s the day​​. Water tempreture is very cold so please bring the proper gear. 

  • Water Level: Curent water level data can be found here. We anticipate the levels to remain at 600-700 CFS or 2-5" over the pipe. 

  • Difficulty: The 2019 race will be at high water and is considered class 4 to  4+. 

©2018 by Marc Nelson